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Property Tax Payer Remedies

Donnie Keller

I was born November 2, 1952 and raised on a dry land wheat farm in Western Kansas...

I was born November 2, 1952 and raised on a dry land wheat farm in Western Kansas...

Apr 23 4 minutes read

The Texas Comptroller of Public Accounts is required to publish an explanation of the remedies available to taxpayers and the procedures necessary to seek remedial action.  The Comptroller's office also must include advice on preparing and presenting a protest.

The Tax Code further directs that copies of this document be made available to taxpayers at no cost.  The chief appraiser may provide it with the Notice of Appraisal Value mailed to the property owner to explain the deadlines and protest procedures.

The first step in exercising your rights is to protest the appraised value.

How To Protest Property Value

Appraisal districts must send required notices by May 1, or by April 1 if your property is a residential homestead.  If the the appraised value increased, the notice must show an estimate of how much tax you would pay based on the same tax rate of the previous year.  Notice will include date and place the review board will begin hearing protests and may tell you whether your appraisal district has an informal meeting process to resolve your concerns.  If you are dissatisfied with your appraisal value, or if errors exist in the appraisal records, then you should file a Notice of Protest with the ARB.  Some districts will have a website where you can file your protest.  Contact the local appraisal district to find out if this is the case.

What Can Be Protested

The Notice of Protest may be filed using the model form on the Comptroller's website:  

Your notice of protest is correct if it identifies;

1.  The protesting person claiming ownership,

2.  The property that is the subject of the protest, and

3.  Dissatisfaction with a determination of the appraisal district.

You may request the ARB to schedule hearings on protests concerning up to 20 designated properties on the same day..  You may use a special notice on the Comptroller's website.

You may protest the value on your property in the following situations:

1. The value placed on the property is too high,

2. Your property is unequally appraised,

3. The appraisal district denied a special appraisal, such as open-space land, or incorrectly denied your exemption application,

4. The appraisal district failed to provide you with required notice, or other matters as prescribed by Tax Code Section 41.41(a).

How To Complete the Protest Form

1. You should pay particular attention to the reason for the protest.

2. What you check as the reason for the protest influences the type of evidence you need to present at the hearing.

3. Your appeal options are influenced by what you protest.

What is ARB?

ARB is an independent impartial group of citizens authorized to resolve disputes between taxpayers and the appraisal district.

When Should Protest Be Filed?

No later than 30 days after the appraisal district mailed the Notice of Appraisal.

I hope this has been helpful.  I'm always at our service to help in anyway I can.  

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